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Welcome to the website of Orange Ribbon International

The ribbon invites people to support the initiative by volunteering and donating to child cancer related organisations. With numerous different categories of ‘general cancers’ and ‘specific child cancers’ that children threaten, we are aware that eradication will take time and effort, but it will be a rewarding journey that needs all support in the world.

Orange Ribbon International is a charity organization which primary mission is to:

  • Make eradication of child cancer a priority.
  • Create circumstances in which children get equal and optimal medical, psychological and social care for cure.
  • Enable parents to extensively support their children during the curing process.

Orange Ribbon International strives to:

  • Provide information, resources, support and guidance for patients, parents, caregivers, providers and all persons whose lives have been touched by child cancer.
  • Promote and focus research into the causes, prevention, treatment and cure of child cancer.
  • Generate funding for third party charity foundations and institutions dealing with child cancer